Our PGA Pro Morten Thuen is always ready to help you achieve the right stroke

If you would like to get more out of your golf or need to learn new strokes or techniques, you can get help from Morten Thuen, our resident expert and trainer. Whatever your level, Morten can help you progress and improve your golf.

Golf spiller der træner

More than 40 years’ experience

If you have acquired some bad playing habits – or perhaps need to balance your stroke for a better result – Morten can help you overcome your issues. Morten has no less than 40 years’ golfing experience. That means he can offer both expert advice and training, helping you to improve your game and skills on the course.

All lessons start with a conversation about your wishes. What do you want to improve, and what do you need to work on? Then Morten reviews your swinging techniques and offers suggestions on how to perfect them.

Golf træner fikser kølle til spiller

Club fitting

Whatever your level and handicap, it is vital that your clubs are appropriate for your physique, so you can get the most out of your game. Our trainer and PGA Pro, Morten Thuen has the necessary equipment to measure and test your equipment and strokes. He can thereby analyse your swinging techniques and shots. Together, you can then find the equipment that is most suitable for you.

Club Fitting is free when you purchase equipment in our Proshop.

Prices – golf lessons

20 minutes
150 DKK
50 minutes
350 DKK
5 x 20 minutes
700 DKK
10 x 20 minutes
1.300 DKK

Book golf lessons and Club Fitting on:

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