Boost both enjoyment and success on the green

PGA Pro Morten Bartholin is our in-house coach, ready to help you to advance in your golf game regardless of level. Whether you need to shake off some bad habits, balance your swing, lengthen your putts or optimise your efficiency, Morten can help you get the most out of every shot.

Morten has experience teaching everyone from complete beginners to players at the highest level nationally. He constantly keeps abreast of the latest technology and mental techniques within the sport, so he is well-equipped to help all kinds of golfers, no matter their needs and challenges.

Morten is available on a daily basis to both guests and club members, so everyone can derive the maximum possible enjoyment from their time on the course.

Lesson types

Below is a selection of different golf lessons that can help you raise your game. If you need help with something else, feel free to contact Morten by phone on +45 38408000 or email at

For group bookings, contact Morten for more information about prices and times.  

Golftraening Bunker
275,- 30 min.


We often hear players mention the dreaded bunker with a tinge of fear in their voice – but it doesn’t need to be so terrible. Learn the proper bunker swing technique and bid farewell to the days when the bunker could make or break your round of golf.

Golf Putting
275,- 30 min.


When it comes to reducing strokes, far too few golfers place focus on their putting. But a shot missed from one metre away costs just as much as a shot missed from 100 metres. So hone that putting technique of yours and get some fresh ideas to help lower your handicap on the green.

en golfspiller der spillergolf
275,- 30 min.

Approach shots

If you want to climb the leader board, then it is important to keep your short game at a certain level. This lesson covers both high and low approach shots while also imparting some strategy around your choice of iron and swing. Let’s get that ball closer to the hole and take that trophy with fewer strokes.

275,- 30 min.

Iron swing basics

This lesson is for golfers who want to get a more stable strike out of their irons and increase distance from the fairway. One of the keys to more stable scoring is to get your iron swings to reach the green. Achieving this consistently will pave the way to new personal bests. Morten will analyse your needs and together you will choose a new path towards a more enjoyable golf game.

275,- 30 min.

Club swing basics

Are you having trouble reaching the fairway with your driver or looking to extend the length of your drives? Then this is the lesson for you! Morten will analyse your club swing and together you will decide on the right path forward, giving you the best possible chances to achieve success on the course.

Bundle card

Buy a bundle card for multiple lessons at a discounted price.




Season pass 2023

Get two hours of lessons per month during the season between 1 April and 3 October – 12 hours in total.

However, it is possible to start lessons from as early as January.


Standard value is 6,600

A season pass is for golfers who really want to make a serious effort at improving their golf game and enjoyment through an exciting development programme led by Morten. Benefit from structured and consistent golf training across the entire season that fits with your calendar – with two training sessions scheduled per month. Exactly what techniques you want to hone or when you want to schedule the lessons is entirely up to you.

Any unused lessons will lapse when the pass expires on 3 October 2023.

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You are also welcome to contact Morten Bartholin directly at:
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