Tempting lunch dishes & snacks

Square Café & Lounge is located in the wellness house Lübker Square, and it is the perfect venue for a nice lunch after some active hours on golf course, in the Subtropical Bath or at the end of a visit to the Spa & Wellness.

A café area with space for children

At Square Café, health is top priority. So, when you open the menu, you will discover a variety of delicious, healthy dishes, including salads, sandwiches, burgers and a number of children’s options. The menu also features smoothies and homemade muesli bars.

We care about children. So, in the café, we have created a small play area, where they can have fun with LEGO bricks, foam figures and drawing materials after they have eaten. And in the meantime you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a cool refreshment.

Enjoy the calm atmosphere and beautiful views i Square Lounge


If you fancy eating your meal in a more tranquil environment, we will be happy to serve you in Square Lounge, which features a fireplace and art on the walls. The lounge is set back from the café and has a large window with a lovely view of the forest and golf course. That makes our lounge area the perfect place to settle down in the context of a spa visit.

The room is also an ideal place for parties. Contact us for further info and demonstration on tel. +45 38408000 or restaurant@lubker.com