Aquatic fun for the whole family

Unleash your inner child in our fantastic Subtropical Baths, where, come rain or shine, the water is always warm. The countless water activities provide hours of endless fun for people of all ages, but for small children in particular, the Subtropical Baths is an easy-to-use oasis where they can have a great time.

Subtropisk badeland

An easy-to-use oasis with plenty of room for mum and dad to relax

Enjoy a rush on our water slide. Children simply want to have one go after another! Or let your child go crazy in our amusement pool or children’s pool, where the water is 94-131-cm deep and 32° warm. Here you can safely observe and watch the children playing from a nearby sun lounger.

Sit back in our large bubbling hot water pool, where the water is 90-cm deep and 34°, and have a go in the sauna and get warmed up through and through.


Amenities in the Subtropical Baths

  • Amusement pool, 94-131-cm deep, 32° (34° on Mondays)
  • Water slide
  • Large bubbling hot water pool, 90-cm deep, 34°
  • Children’s pool, 41-cm deep, 33.5°
  • Rest area with sun loungers
  • Sauna
  • Changing facilities

Requirements for our youngest pool guests

Remember both swim diapers AND swimpants covers for the little ones

Babies and toddlers are required to always wear both a swim diaper and snug-fitting diaper swimpants in the pool area approved for the purpose. This is a requirement to ensure a hygienic and safe environment for everyone.

We gladly recommend the Happy Nappy™ swimpants – tested as the most reliable and secure solution to prevent leaks in the water.

Please note that any fecal accidents will result in the immediate closure of the pool. We will only reopen after extensive cleaning and measurement confirming that the water is free of bacteria.

We appreciate your understanding.

Both swim diapers and swinpant  covers are available for purchase in the shop

Important information

Terms and conditions

  • Also for hygienic reasons, it is not permitted to bring your own products into the spa. Our shop at the reception sells a wide selection of personal care products, and we will be more than happy to advise you on how and when the products can be used during your stay in the spa.
  • Spending time and bathing in the Subtropical Baths are at your own risk. There is no lifeguard or supervision

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (min. 18 years old)

  • Children over the age of 12 can swim alone, if an adult signs a form, stating that the swimming is his/her responsibility. The form is available at reception.

  • Children still in nappies must ALWAYS wear a bathing nappy AND snug-fitting swimpants on top. Both can be purchased in the shop.

Cell phones
We recommend that you leave your cell phone in the changing room. If you take your phone with you, it is at your own risk - and please speak softly not to disturb other guests. Pictures may under no circumstances be taken in places where there is a risk that other guests will involuntarily be in the picture.

NOTE: As we have more guests on weekends and school holidays, waiting times may occur.