Spa treatments performed with Amazing Space products and techniques

Lübker Spa & Wellness offers professional treatments and massages based on both beauty, indulgence and well-being for face, body and mind.

Amazing Space - a holistic and sustainable total concept

All our treatments are performed with products and techniques from Amazing Space, which gives an exquisite feeling of luxury. Amazing Space works individualised and customised in order to create the best results for you. Read more about the Amazing Space universe here.

Facial treatments

The face is the first thing we notice about a human being. So much of our personality is related to the signals we express through our face, which is why most people are particularly concerned with caring for this particular area. Facials are a great way to complement your grooming routine and boost your skin's well-being.

A facial also gives an expert the best starting point to examine your skin in depth and select the right products for you, so you get the most for your money and all the time you put into caring for your skin on a daily basis.

Your skin deserves the best, which is why all our facials are organic and include a relaxing aroma ritual, a "Skin Vision" consultation, cleansing and exfoliating under herbal vapor, a mask, hand massage and cream care.

In the introduction or final, we serve a beauty-enhancing drink, Cosmofusion, made from green extracts, vitamins and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.

In connection with all facial treatments, you are offered as an extra service to have a personal Skin Vision program organized, where you learn how to take optimal care of your skin in everyday life.

495,- 40 minutes
For all skin types

Amazing Face – Mini

A pampering Mini treatment is suitable for all skin types and includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask and cream.

The treatment is tailored with carefully selected products according to your individual needs.

Recommended either as an express treatment on a busy day or as an introduction to Amazing Space’s universe of exquisite skincare products.

A perfect add-on to any spa treatment.

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975,- 70 minutes
All-embracing and thorough care

Amazing Face – Classic

The classical facial for all skin types, with extra focus on cleansing and rejuvenating the skin with moisturizing masks, concentrates and nourishing products.

Essential treatment steps include cleansing, exfoliation, aroma-therapeutic steam, extraction of impurities, disinfecting LED light therapy, masks, serums and cream and massage of face, neck, shoulders and hands - or feet.

The treatment is tailored with carefully selected products according to your individual needs.

Recommended for maintaining and achieving optimal radiance for all skin types.

When buying a course, you get the 6th treatment for free.

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Spa behandling Lübker – ansigtsmassage
1.150,- 90 minutes
Anti age | Firming

Amazing Face – Collagen Power

Revitalizing and firming facial for all skin types, with a focus on nourishing, smoothing and moisturizing masks, concentrates and care that regenerate the skin.

This treatment includes cleansing, micro-exfoliation that stimulates cell renewal, aroma-therapeutic steam, extraction of impurities, collagen boosting red LED light therapy, a sculpting massage of face, neck and shoulders that relax furrows and wrinkles, as well as argan and collagen mask, hand or foot massage, serum and cream.

The treatment is tailored with carefully selected products according to your individual needs.

Recommended as the most powerful anti-age treatment for all skin types.

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435,- 30 minutes
Pampering for teens (13-18 years)

Teenage Mini Face

A caring mini-treatment for teenagers includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, mask- and creamcare. The treatment consists of selected products and is tailored to individual needs. The treatment is recommended for teenagers who want to be pampered for a special event or who have specific skin challenges.

It is a good introduction to the Amazing Space universe of wonderful care products and it is a chance for teenagers to talk about what they can do to take care of their skin – from the inside and out.

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Specific Face treatments

Our Specific Face treatments are for those who want extraordinary treatments and results. These treatments are in a special category of their own, and are based on techniques different and beyond classic facials. Specific Face treatments can contribute positively to your skin’s radiance within new parameters.

485,- 30 minutes
Stimulating Growth Regeneration

Miracle Micro Peel

The most effective treatment to refine pores and skin, while stimulating growth regeneration with active glycolic acid (AHA), salicylic acid from sugar cane, and (BHA) from the willow tree combined with lactic acid.

The glycolic acid micro exfoliates and accelerates the skin’s natural cell division.

To complete the treatment, a protective and healing barrier cream with SPF is applied.

Recommended as a series of 3-6 treatments, with approx. 1-week intervals. However, a single treatment also has an immediate visual effect.

As a side effect of the active acids, it is possible to experience a gentle tingling and redness during and after treatment, which usually subsides within a few hours.

After a treatment, you must avoid the sun for 7 days. If you have received a complete course of several treatments, you should avoid the sun for at least 30 days, and always use SPF 50.

Add on to another facial  + 150,-

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Course from 2.800,- 6 treatments of 25 minutes
Improves skin damage | Preventing lines and wrinkles

Pro Peel-program

A chemical peel is a general term for fruit acid, which also goes by the names AHA and BHA.

In a chemical peel treatment, the top layer of dead skin cells is removed, which promotes cell renewal in the epidermis, thereby regenerating the skin from the inside. The method is therefore particularly effective when it comes to renewing the glow, shine and moisture of the skin, also when it wants to improve the skin’s texture, resilience and tone. The treatment also has a good effect when it comes to preventing lines and wrinkles, and at the same time improves skin damage such as pigment spots, scars, sun damage and early signs of aging.

Although the fruit acid is an ingredient that has long been used in high-concentration doses in professional skincare and in milder concentrations for home treatments, it is still revolutionary, and has changed the way we consider peels significantly.

6 treatments (6 x 25 min.) for 2.800,-
12 treatments (12 x 25 min.) for 5.600,-

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795,- 60 minutes
Remove waste products, facial tensions and fluid retention

Gua Sha

Cosmetic Gua Sha is a unique beauty treatment with effective, visible results. The Chinese technique of Gua Sha is thousands of years old. It uses a special Gua Sha stone to massage or ‘scrape’ the face to remove waste products, facial tensions and fluid retention. It uses fixed characteristics and massage techniques, which help to create flow, thereby stimulating the connective tissue.

The treatment improves blood circulation and tissue microcirculation, at the same time improving the formation of collagen. You will experience a renewed resilience and glow in your skin and a reduction of mimic lines and facial tensions. You will be given a relaxing scalp and foot massage, working gently on tissue and zone points. Your skin is also cleansed and nourished with a variety of exquisite face masks.

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795,- 60 minutes
Tissue-tightening massage techniques

Japanese Lifting

A de-stressing facial treatment with tissue-tightening massage techniques that activate the skin's collagen and elastin. The facial mimic wrinkles and bags under the eyes are reduced, and waste products are cleansed via facial zones, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage. The massage is performed with Himalayan salt stone balls that cool and soothe, as well as with organic rosehip seed - marigold and inca omega oil that heals, soothes and nourishes the skin. The treatment also includes a de-stressing scalp massage as well as a wonderful foot or hand massage.

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850,- 55 minutes
Firmness and fullness to the skin

Amazing Face – Workout

Face Workout is the ultimate exercise for the face!

As with all good workouts, the treatment starts with a warm-up to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Special exercises with three different sizes of “Eco Rubber Balls”, release deep tension of the facial muscles.

The regime continues with “Face Sculpting Therapy” (FST) which lift and minimize mimical or dynamic wrinkles, followed by a LED facial bar that stimulates, activates and renews the skin using LED light as well as heat and cold exposure. Finally, “Electro Therapy” is used with a low frequency current, which gives firmness and fullness to the skin. The result is a revitalizing glow and a relaxed expression!

The balls and microcurrent stimulator can also be used at home to maintain the workout for your face.

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Spa behandling Lübker – Bryn
From 75,-
Eyes | Brows | Lashes

Amazing Face – EXTRA

Eye Treat 395,- (25 min.)

Eyelash Tint125,- (15 min.)

Brow Tint  125,- (15 min.)

Eyebrow Shaping 150,- (15 min.)

Eyebrow & Lash Tint incl. Brow Shaping 350,- (25 min.)

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Our Spa & Body treatments are for those who know that it is not only the face that needs care – true wellbeing includes top to toe. Each treatment in its own way, gently stimulates all senses to create a deep peace of mind, soul and body.

2.095,- 195 minutes
Experience ultimate grooming from head to toe

A Day In Heaven

Experience ultimate grooming from head to toe. This package includes. A bespoke facial treatment (55 min.), tailored to your skin type and your individual needs. Relaxing body massage (55 min.), with warm organic aroma-oils. Essential manicure (20 min.) and traditional pedicure (55 min.) for happy hands and pretty feet.

The result – a total makeover for both body and soul!

Including entrance to Spa & Wellness

In this package you also get 2 hours of entrance to the spa facilities. We recommend that you use the facilities before the treatments, so that you are completely relaxed and ready to be pampered from head to toe.

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1.150,- 90 minutes
Detoxifying body treatment

Detox Sea Wrap

Detoxifying body treatment based on rosemary, mint and juniper. Effective for reducing oedema, cellulite and releasing toxins.

Start with a “Body Polish” with crushed salt and herbs.

Body mask containing purifying sea algae, rich in nourishing oligo elements and mineral trace elements from the sea, boosts the body’s cell metabolism while cocooned in a “sauna blanket” that increases circulation.

Tension-releasing massage of the back, neck and shoulders, and full body application of soothing warm oil of juniper and eucalyptus, to complete the treatment.

Note: Do not use an infrared sauna blanket if you are pregnant or nursing, have a pacemaker or heart problems, have open wounds or are sick/have a high fever.

Note: Using the spa after the treatment is not advised, since it can reduce the beneficial effect of the treatment.

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495,- 30 minutes
Leaving the skin silky soft

Body Scrub

A highly efficient, individually tailored skin peeling with nourishing essential oils. The scrub’s content of moisturising ingredients and fine sea salt removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky soft and moisturised.

A must for your skin both in summer and in winter.

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Feet | Polish | Wax

Our feet are in constant use and it is therefore especially important to give them attention and care.

Our Feet treatment is for you who understand the important function of your feet and want to create well-being for these. Well-groomed feet create a well cared for overall impression, and one must therefore not underestimate the importance of these body parts when it comes to creating a healthy and beautiful exterior.

The treatment focuses on moisture and care and is perfect for you who want a little extra. If you really need to pamper yourself, you may want to consider booking an Amazing Nails treatment as a supplement to your feet treatment.

595,- 60 minutes
Soft and light feet

Amazing Feet – Lux

Luxurious pedicure for revitalizing your neglected and tired feet.

Enjoy an aromatic foot bath. Hard skin is removed, a smoothening scrub exfoliates, nails are trimmed, shaped and buffed to a shine. Your feet are nourished with softening serum and cream.

A smoothing exfoliation, softening mask and tension-releasing foot massage complete the transformation.

Add On: Nail Polish or Shellac application.

The pedicure is not performed in case of nail fungus, foot fungus or foot warts.

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From 95,-
Polish or Shellac on toenails

Amazing Nails

This treatment is only offered as an add-on to Amazinf Feet – Lux. 
Customize your manicure or pedicure with the perfect nail polish!

Choose between:


Vinylux – from CND, has a reputation for long-lasting nail polish, for up to 6-8 days.
Nail polish 95,-


From CND is an alternative to normal nail polish – with the most durable, strengthened and super glossy colour, lasting up to 14+ days. It has a durable gel texture that is brushed on like varnish. To remove – dissolve with a special product or acetone for approx. 8-10 min. Choose from 6 colours.
Shellac 195,-

Remember to remove old nail polish before the nail treatment. Note: We do not offer French manicures (white edges)

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From 250,-
Perron Rigot products


Remove unwanted hair with Perron Rigot wax. In 1972 the company was granted a patent for its low-temperature wax. The products are based on formulas that ensure a low melting point, which feels pleasant on the skin. The products contain oils that leave the skin wonderfully soft.

  • Waxing of upper lip 125,-
  • Waxing of chin 125,-
  • Waxing of armpits 250,-
  • Waxing of bikini line 250,-
  • Waxing of lower legs, including knees 295,-
  • Waxing of entire legs, including bikini line 550,-
  • Waxing of back 450,-

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You and your body are together for the rest of your life, so it is important to take good care the health and physiological well-being of your body. During a stressful and hectic daily life, muscle tension can quickly develop, which can be difficult to relieve.

Through massage, the blood circulation increases, feeding muscle fibres with oxygen and nutrients, removing accumulated waste toxins and relaxing muscles.

Your body finally relaxes and exhales – and when your blood pressure is lowered, the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol stops, so massage can also be a good shortcut to get rid of heart palpitations and worries.

Our massage treatments are based on you, your body and your personal needs – and are tailored by our skilled therapists, who curate products specifically for you.

795,- 60 minutes
Warms the body and soul

Hot Stone Massage

A treatment that warms both body and soul with the help of heated lava stones, which are round and soft. The rocks, called basalt rocks, originate from Icelandic volcanoes. They are heated to over 50 degrees before use. The treatment is pleasant and effective and based on long, calm, deep and de-stressing massage. It is done with warm organic aromatherapeutic oil, selected according to need and desire.

The therapist uses the stones on several of the body's tension or chakra points, where they "melt away" and release myoses. The therapist asks about special contraindications, wishes and any injuries in order to always ensure that the massage is tailored and adapted to the needs of your body.

Choose from these massage oils:

  • Detox (purify with eucalyptus & juniper berries)
  • Sun Rise (energize with orange, lime & ginger)
  • Sun Set (relax with rose, geranium & lavender)

Note: When booking online, please write which of the above oils you want in the "Note" option.

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495,-/795,- 30/60 minutes
Aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage

Comfortable and effective body massage based on long, calm, and de-stressing strokes with warm, organic aroma therapeutic oils selected according to need and desire. A massage with flowing strokes and with a relaxing character.

The massage has a soothing and de-stressing effect, so you subsequently experience a state of relaxation, calm and well-being in your body.

The therapist asks about special contraindications, wishes, needs and any injuries. In this way, the massage is always tailored and adapted to the needs of your body.

Choose from these massage oils:

  • Detox (purify with eucalyptus & juniper berries)
  • Sun Rise (energize with orange, lime & ginger)
  • Sun Set (relax with rose, geranium & lavender)

Note: When booking online, please write which of the above oils you want in the "Note" option.

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595,-/895,- 30/60 minutes
Deep tissue massage

Deep Touch Body Massage

In-depth body massage with a focus on releasing the body's deep muscle knots and tensions. Organic aromatherapeutic oils are used, selected according to need and desire. This is an individual massage which is recommended for sore and tired muscles as it focuses on muscle tension. The treatment uses different grips in and the problem areas are worked on from deep in the muscles and connective tissue.

The therapist asks about special contraindications, wishes, needs and any injuries. In this way, the massage is always tailored and adapted to the needs of your body.

Choose from these massage oils:

  • Detox (purify with eucalyptus & juniper berries)
  • Sun Rise (energize with orange, lime & ginger)
  • Sun Set (relax with rose, geranium & lavender)

Note: When booking online, please write which of the above oils you want in the "Note" option.

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Spa behandling Lübker – Gravid massage
895,- 70 minutes
Pregnant pillow is used

Pretty & Pregnant

A nourishing full body treatment, based on a softening and skin-repairing mask for the tummy to prevent stretch marks.

Top to toe massage, using warm oil with wheat germ, argan, vitamin E, sandalwood and mandarin to soften and keep skin supple. Followed by a soothing, cooling leg treatment with cucumber mint mask to relieve puffy legs, and a salt scrub to soften and relax exhausted feet.

Please note: Massage is not recommended until week 20 of pregnancy

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395,- 20 minutes
6-15 years

Kids Massage

Kids massages are recommended for all children. Touch is vital and through massage, children can learn to relax, receive and enjoy. The treatment is a gentle massage done with gentle strokes and light essential oils.

The massage can:

  • Support children's body awareness and strengthen their self-esteem
  • Provide opportunities for relaxation and well-being
  • Improve and support increased awareness and concentration
  • Give more calm in the body
  • Strengthen motor skills through tactility (the sense of touch)

Age: 6-15 years. Accompaniment with an adult is an option, but not a necessity.

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