Get in shape at Lübker

Lübker Square provides fitness options for anyone wanting to strengthen the body and increase his/her fitness. In our gym, there are treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, bicycles, back trainers and numerous other machines. Of course, we also offer free weights, strength training machines and cable stations.

Yoga hos Lübker

Class workouts in water and on land

4 times a year, we start a new season of class workouts in Lübker Square. In 2021 the weeks are 3, 13, 33 and 43. The programme features Aqua Fitness, Baby Swimming, Fit Dance and much more.

One season consists of 8 classes. All our classes are extremely popular, so you need to be quick if you want a place. Book online.

Subtropisk badeland, vand træning

Humour and infectious energy

We offer different types of workout classes with skilled instructors who can challenge you and your body. Would you like to get in better shape and exercise more, yet still have a smile on your face? Humour and infectious energy are the ideal ingredients for a good, fun workout.