Wellness, indulgence and luxury

Lübker Spa offers a huge range of excellent spa amenities, including a steam bath, a footbath fountain, hot tubs and a sauna. There is everything visitors need for an exquisite experience and a break from the humdrum routine of everyday life. Our impressive spa area is the ideal setting for wellness, indulgence and luxury. Step inside and you will instantly sense the tranquillity that reigns in Lübker Spa’s rooms.


When buying an entrance, you get access to the spa and fitness facilities for 3 hours.

Spa faciliteter hos Lübker

Spa buffet

In our cozy fireplace lounge there is a spa buffet, serving fresh fruit, cold drinking water – both still and sparkling – and lovely teas. Our own Lübker Cool Mint tea is especially popular. Should you be tempted to enjoy the tea at home, it is for sale in the shop.


Hot tub/bubble bath

The spa cave features the large hot tub, which gently massages your body with water and bubbles. The combination of massage and hot water softens your muscles and joints and increases blood circulation. The hot tub is an ideal place to enjoy a glass of bubbly, which you can order from the staff.

Steam bath with light therapy

Sit back, breathe slowly and feel the properties of the steam. The steam bath makes a great start, warming up the entire body ready for the following spa amenities. The scent comes from eucalyptus and has a purifying effect on the respiratory passages. The steam softens the skin, opens the pores and is highly recommended prior to a treatment.

Spa faciliteter hos Lübker

Rain showers

The large shower heads can be set to either a soft and relaxing rain or a powerful jet of water that works on the neck and shoulder muscles. A warm rinse boosts blood circulation throughout the body, and a cold rinse gets the circulation going and promotes the secretion of waste products.


Hydrotherapy – the famous Kneipp remedy – uses both hot and cold water. The interaction between hot and cold has a positive effect on the circulation and on the body’s self-healing properties. Change slowly from hot to cold water, and repeat until you feel a tingling sensation in the feet and lower legs. The stones have an impact on the reflex zones in the feet, while providing a stimulating foot massage.

Footbath fountain

Continue the care of your feet with a lovely footbath in the charming footbath fountain. Our shop at the reception sells bath salts and oils, which you can add to your footbath. We also recommend a salt scrub for massaging and exfoliating the lower legs and feet.

Rest area with warm sun loungers

The rest area boasts a beautiful view of the countryside. Here you can sit back in our warm sun loungers and enjoy the tranquillity. The rest area is also a perfect place for applying a face mask. See our selection of face masks in the shop at reception.


Enjoy the heat in the atmospheric Finnish sauna area. The higher up you sit on the benches, the hotter your sauna experience will be. Pep up the experience by pouring some sauna water on the hot stones. The hot air kick starts the metabolism and has a cleansing, relaxing effect. Our sauna water contains essential oils, scented with either lavender or peppermint.

Spa faciliteter hos Lübker

Finnish fireplace lounge

The rustic wooden tables and stumps surrounding the warm fireplace create a cosy setting for socialising and relaxing. By the fireplace you can also enjoy drinks from the café. Order them simply by ringing the bell at the spa buffet. You can also relax with a good book in the screened-off snug corner.

Warm outdoor bath

Jump into one of the three steaming wilderness tubs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and stunning views from Lübker Rooftop. This is also a perfect place for drinking a toast with a glass of bubbly or enjoying a nice cold beer.

Cold outdoor bath

In Finland they cool off in a snowdrift, in a lake or in the sea. That is why we have placed a cold water tub next to the hot tubs, so you can experience a characteristically Finnish cold thrill. When the body is immersed in the cold water, the blood vessels contract again. This boosts the circulation and transports more oxygenated blood to the body’s muscles and organs, at the same time promoting the secretion of waste products. The powerful stimulation provides deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. We also recommend taking a cold dip after a spell in the hot sauna.

Spa faciliteter hos Lübker

Cold water cascades

If you need to cool down, pull the rope and get yet another cold thrill. The water boosts the blood circulation and leaves you feeling wonderfully fresh. The water cascades are also good when combined with the sauna. Note that the cascades are removed during freezing weather.

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Sun loungers on the rooftop

On days when the weather permits, there is the option of enjoying the sun and chilling out in a sun lounger. If it gets too hot, take a cold rinse in the cold water cascades or jump in the cold water tub.

Treatment lounge

We offer a wealth of beautiful treatments, including massage, facials and exquisite body treatments. In our treatments we use nourishing products - including those by the Danish brand, Beauté Pacifique. Treatments take place in the treatment room, where the décor and atmosphere are lavish and the experience wonderful.
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Body and facial treatments

Lübker Spa offers professional treatments and massages in our treatment lounge, where wellness and the restoration of energy and balance are top priority.