Tempting café dishes

Square Café is the perfect venue for a nice meal after an active day on the golf course or in the Subtropical Baths, but it is also great before the day’s exciting activities. We serve a delicious brunch and freshly-ground coffee.

At Square Café, health is top priority. So, when you open the menu, you will discover a variety of delicious, healthy dishes, including burgers, salads and a number of children’s options. The menu also features smoothies and homemade muesli bars.

Børne menu hos Lübker

A café area with space for children

We care about children. So, in the café, we have created a small play area, where they can have fun with LEGO bricks, foam figures and drawing materials after they have eaten. Who knows? Maybe mum, dad, a best friend - or even the waiter - will be lucky enough to receive a cool drawing by a creative artist! Meanwhile, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a cool drink.

Hygge hos Lübker

Enjoy a meal in Square Lounge or the Subtropical Baths

If you get peckish before you are ready to leave the pools, there is also the option of being served the Café menu in the Subtropical Baths. Just ring the bell and we will come and take your order.

If you fancy eating your meal in a more tranquil environment, we will be happy to serve you in Square Lounge, which features a fireplace and comfy armchairs. The lounge is set back from the café and has a large window with a lovely view of the forest and golf course. That makes our lounge area the perfect place to settle down in the context of a spa visit. The venue is also ideal for parties and gatherings.