Accommodation at Lübker

Info and terms of conditions

General terms and conditions

1) Parties to the contract
These rental conditions apply to holiday rentals mediated through Lübker Golf & Spa Resort. Lübker Golf & Spa Resort does not own the holiday homes, but is solely a rental agent, acting as a broker in its own name in relation to the tenant. Lübker Golf & Spa Resort is the tenant’s contractual partner and operates the rental service on the basis of: holiday homes located on Lübker Allé, 8581 Nimtofte and holiday apartments located on Trent Jones Allé, 8581 Nimtofte.

2) Booking and payment

Immediately upon receipt of a tenant’s booking and payment, Lübker Golf & Spa Resort will email the tenant a confirmation.

  • For bookings with less than 30 days to arrival, the full amount is paid immediately upon receipt of confirmation.
  • For bookings over DKK 10,000 the full amount is paid no later than 14 days after receipt of confirmation.
  • For bookings over DKK 10,000 the following conditions apply:
    1st installment: 20% of the total amount is paid within 14 days of receipt of confirmation.
    2nd installment: 80% of the total amount is payable no later than 30 days before arrival.

3) Cancellation
The tenant can cancel the rental agreement at any time before their stay (arrival date). Cancellations must be sent by e-mail to The cancellation only applies once it has been confirmed by Lübker Golf & Spa Resort. The following terms apply for cancellations:

  • up to 70 days before arrival: 20% of the total amount, minimum DKK 500.
  • 69 to 35 days before arrival: 33% of the total amount, minimum DKK 500.
  • 34 to 14 days before arrival: 75% of the total amount, minimum DKK 500.
  • from 13 days before arrival: 90% of the total amount, minimum DKK 500.

4) Changes to the rental agreement
During the 4 weeks leading up to the start of the rental period, as far as they can, Lübker Golf & Spa Resort will accommodate any of the tenant’s requests for changes to the rental agreement. In this context, Lübker Golf & Spa Resort charges an amendment fee of DKK 500. Subsequent changes can only be made by cancelling the rental agreement: cf. Point 3.

5) Rental conditions
The tenant and their guests are responsible for treating the holiday residence and surrounding areas with consideration and ensuring that no damage is done to the property. The tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the tenant and their guests are not a source of nuisance for other guests at Lübker Golf & Spa Resort. The holiday residence and associated property may not occupied by more people than the number indicated in the booking confirmation. Signage and any instructions from the resort staff must be respected. Lübker Golf & Spa Resort reserves the right to claim compensation for any damaged furniture in the residence. If any furniture in the residence is damaged, you must immediately inform the reception desk at Lübker Lodge or Lübker Square.

6) Arrival from 3:00 PM
You can enter the resort/residence from 3:00 PM on the arrival date without making any prior arrangements. Shortly before your arrival, you will receive an access code* to the residence. Enter the access code to your residence and press the “open padlock” symbol, after which you should be able to enter. *The access code will only be sent once the payable amount in your booking confirmation has been received and registered in our systems.

7) Departure no later than 10:00 AM
Guests must depart no later than 10:00 AM on the day of departure. Final cleaning of the residence is included in the price. Guests are responsible for tidying up, doing dishes and emptying the dishwasher before departure. Make sure to close all windows and doors, turn off the lights and upon exiting the residence, enter the access code and press the “closed padlock” symbol. Please use the appropriate containers for waste disposal. These are placed by Lübker Lodge (by the main entrance), Lübker Square (by the ball court) and Lübker Allé 120 (Village South).

8) Admittance
For guests arriving after 10 PM or before 6 AM, the boom gate to the resort is closed. To enter the resort, you must enter the provided code at the boom gate. No code is required to exit the resort.

9) Location of the residences and main buildings
Residences no. 1-100 are located on Lübker Allé, DK-8581 Nimtofte (by Lübker Square). All the residences with numbers from A-I are located on Trent Jones Allé 3, DK-8581 Nimtofte (at Lübker Lodge). It is approximately a 700-metre walk through our scenic golf course between the two main buildings. For safety reasons, driving by car is only permitted outside the resort and golf course (approximately 5 km). See driving instructions and map here

10) Café & Restaurant
Visit Square Café & Lounge, located on Lübker Square or Brasserie Lübker, located at Lübker Lodge.

11) Wi-fi & TV
You can find the WiFi password on the back of the main door to the residence. Several apartments use a separate Digital TV box. Press “DTV” on the remote control and wait 10 seconds.

12) Wellness stays
If you have booked a wellness stay, you have daily access to Lübker Square, including Spa & Wellness, Subtropical Leisure Pools and Fitness. You have access to Spa & Wellness once per day for every day of your stay, including your arrival and departure date. However, this does NOT apply to package deals. You also have the option to purchase professional body and facial treatments. Book a time for one of our wonderful treatments by phone on +45 3840 8080 or by e-mail at
See options for treatments here
Please note: The age limit for Spa & Wellness and Fitness is 15.

13) Golf stays
If you have booked a golf stay, we usually have tee times booked for you in advance. You can see your tee times in your booking confirmation or golf box. In the golfing season (March to October), we ask that you visit the reception desk at Lübker Lodge on Trent Jones Allé 3 to check in, receive your score cards and other golf-related information. The golf course is a resort course, and we therefore recommend that you rent a golf cart for your round. We encourage you to order one in advance. You can book golf lessons from our PGA Pro trainer for an additional charge. When booking a golf stay, you also have the option to purchase access to Lübker Square - Spa, Wellness and Subtropical Leisure Pools at a favourable price. You can book access at the reception or by e-mail at Please note: Golf shoes and golf bags are NOT permitted inside the residence.

14) Opening hours
See current opening hours for Golf, Spa, Subtropical Leisure Pools, Fitness and Restaurant here

15) Smoking policy
Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited in all residences. Guests smoking outside must use the ashtrays that have been put out. Discarding cigarette butts along paths or in nature is forbidden.

16) Personal data
When booking a residence at Lübker Golf & Spa Resort, we store personal data about you for a year after your departure. If you agree to receive marketing material from us - such as newsletters - we will store your data for as long as we have your consent. Find out what data we store about you and how to revoke your consent here

17) Complaints and defects
In the event of any defects or faults in the residence, the tenant is obligated to inform the reception as soon as possible and no later than 12 hours after arrival so that the issue can be remedied. If the tenant leaves the residence before the rental agreement expires and without prior agreement with Lübker Golf & Spa Resort, this is at the tenant’s own account and risk. If defects or faults are first pointed out after the rental agreement has expired or at the tenant’s departure, the tenant forfeits the right to make claims concerning compensation or a proportional price reduction.

18) Force majeure
In the event that the rental agreement is prevented due to force majeure (natural disasters, strikes, acts of war or terrorism, riots, etc.), Lübker Golf & Spa Resort shall not be liable to provide compensation for disrupted or non-completed stays. From 30 days to and including the arrival date or later, as well as in cases of no-show, the full payable amount for the stay will be charged.